About Me

Artist's Statement

My art explores the disconnect from the physical world caused by a deepening reliance on technology. Presently, the primary subjects of my paintings are abandoned and outdated technology: old TVs, circuit boards, recycling centers, junkyards, and cluttered storefronts. In a culture increasingly shaped and fed by technology, what we collect, consume, and then dispose of is an indication of what we value, and how shallow that value is. My paintings and prints are intended to provide a critical perspective on a consumerist relationship with technology.

In oil painting the form of discarded objects can be interpreted as intentional decisions by the artist. For example, in considering why an old refrigerator is painted the way it is, the viewer must also consider why it has been discarded. The marks of age and use are expressed as eye-grabbing colors, clear brushstrokes, or thick paint. Like looking at a brightly lit screen, my paintings are visually stimulating. But unlike images moving quickly across a screen, these paintings linger, posing the problem of stuff that has come to the end of its lifespan. Stuff that is just that: stuff.

I use painting as a metaphor for the digital experience to compare the way art and computers deliver information. My paintings are full of seemingly random bits of information, details that can be read as meaningful, like reflections in glass diffracting into discrete colors and shapes, or blades of grass jumping out at you. These details represent the overwhelming amount of information accessible through digital tools. But in these paintings, it is the image as a whole that tells the story--the story of people and places abandoned in an economy too focused on data.

As we enjoy the array of digital dimensions and innovative technological tools, my work offers a reminder of the environmental and social costs of convenience. Old electronics are juxtaposed with nature while figures are rendered impassive, embedded into the landscape. I want to reconcile the dissonance between the benefits of technology versus the isolation, income inequality, and pollution it can produce. I hope my art will help influence a healthy relationship with the powerful technology of the current era.