ロ=王JXdotE (Concrete Mouth), Etching, 6x6 inches 2018

Stevenson Alley, Etching, 6x6 inches, 2018

Lottery, Etching, 6x4 inches, 2018

Intaglio Printing

Process of a multiple plate color etching.

In order to achieve multiple colors in intaglio printmaking, multiple plates are often used; for example, one plate may be made for each of the primary colors. For this process I started by making a key plate containing the basic line drawing for the image. This image was transferred onto the other two plates before adding the aquatint (a fine layer of rosin dust) to all three. During the next step I worked slowly covering up parts of the image with shellac in order to create different intensities of colors. Finally the three plates are printed on one sheet of paper and the corrections can begin.