ロ=王JXdotE (Concrete Mouth), Etching, 6x6 inches 2018

Stevenson Alley, Etching, 6x6inches, 2018

Lottery, Etching, 6x4inches, 2018

Joe's Cable Car, Multiple Plate Etching with Aquating, 6x9 inches, 2019

Wireless Voice and Flora, Etching with Aquatint, 6x4inches x 2, 2019

In this series I used the grainy texture of aquatint to create ethereal filters for urban environments. In an aquatint, value is controlled by the amount of time each zone is exposed to the acid. This involves some initial speculation balanced with careful attention to the depth of the bite in each area. When the ink is transferred to paper from this topography of eroded zinc, it produces an effect oddly similar to low pixel density images.